Coolest Moshi Monster Poppet Cake

I have made a few cake for my family and friends and I was asked to make a Moshi Monster Poppet Cake for my daughter’s class friend for her 5th birthday. I got ideas together over a few weeks which helped me get a mental picture of what I wanted the end result to look like.

I copied a picture of the Moshi Monster onto greaseproof paper for the outline of the cake. I made 2 rectangular sponges (pink and white marble)in 13″ x 9″ cake tins.

Once the sponges had cooled I spread mixed fruit jam on one of the sponges and butter cream on the other. I then sandwiched them both together and put in the freezer for 20 minutes before cutting the shape of the cake (I find this make it easier to cut).

While the sponge was in the freezer I colored my icing to the required colors. To cut the shape of the cake I secured the greaseproof shape onto the sponge with a few dabs of jam. I then used a sharpe knife and carefully cut around the shape. Once this was done I crumb coated the cake and then cover with pink rolled icing.

I cut out the features and put them on with a little clear vanilla extract. I piped the outline of the face and hair with royal icing and a number 3 tube. I made the feet from rolled icing which I colored (ice blue).

My daughter’s friends, family and everyone loved this cake when we took it to the party.

Homemade Moshi Monster Poppet Cake

Homemade Moshi Monster Poppet Cake

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  1. So sorry it’s taken so long to reply… crumb coat is a very very thin buttercream layer onto the sponge before you add the icing, this helps the icing to stick. :)


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