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Coolest Cow 1st Birthday Cake

My Daughter Kyra was born in the year of the cow so I decided to make her a homemade cow 1st birthday cake for her 1st birthday. I researched available designs from the internet and found a cow design I liked. I used a 10” x 13” pan for the body and legs and a 9” round pan for the head, ears and tail.

I doubled the chocolate ingredients for the large baking pan. To cut the chosen design, I created a baking paper template from a printout of the cake I liked. The extra pieces were kept for the legs and also for support required for the head, as the head does not sit completely on the body. I carved the head, ears and tail from the 9” round baking pan.

Assembly was a simply procedure, I placed the head on top of the body (just left of the left upper section) and supported the overhang with a left over extra piece. I secured the connections using wooden skewers cut to size. I then connected the tail. I covered the whole cake with chocolate ganache to secure the pieces into a single cake piece and left it overnight in the fridge to harden.

I used vanilla butter cream to decorate the body, head and tail by piping with a star tip but left areas un-piped for brown spots and the nose. These areas were covered in a similar manner but using pink and chocolate butter cream. Eyes and nostrils were created using small chocolate buttons. For the two horns, I used two mini ice-cream cones covered in pink vanilla butter. A metal wedding decoration bell was attached under the head and tied with ribbon.

The creation was filled with fun and my friends were all impressed with Kyra’s homemade cow 1st birthday cake!!

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