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Coolest Cowboy Bandana Birthday Cake

This Homemade Cowboy Bandana Birthday Cake is a very simple, but “Cool” cake that I made for my 4 year-old son’s cowboy birthday party. The cake was made to resemble the paisley pattern on the red handkerchiefs that cowboys wear around their necks. It is a 14″ round 2-layered cake with white buttercream icing between the layers. I also spread buttercream icing on the sides and top of the cake to give the fondant something to stick to and it tastes better than fondant alone.

I covered the cake with red fondant icing (I usually use Wilton’s recipe for marshmallow fondant) and cut out the white fondant paisley shapes with leaf shaped cookie cutters purchased at Michael’s. I traced the Sheriff badge onto white fondant and brushed it lightly with an edible yellow pearl dust, which gave it a shimmery effect. I just happened to have the dust leftover from some wedding mints that I made for my sister. You could just as easily make some yellow tinted fondant and trace the badge onto that.

The cowboy hat was molded with the leftover white fondant and I piped a hat band and my son’s name on the badge with black piping gel.Lastly, dots of white buttercream icing are piped around the paisley designs and a border was piped around the bottom for a complete and finished look.

This design is great for cake decorating beginners, which is what I consider myself, so if I can do it, you can too!

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