Cool Homemade Cowgirl Cake

This cowgirl cake was made to match a invitation from This cowgirl/petting zoo birthday party was for a friend’s little girl. First, I scanned the invitation and increased the size of it to fit on the cake. I iced the 12 x 18 in buttercream, let it sit for 10 minutes to form a crust.

I traced the picture onto wax paper, flip the wax paper over to the backside, piped the outline on the back side in black buttercream, put the wax paper onto the cake, pressed the outline with my finger, peeled the wax paper slowly, amazingly, all of the outline stuck to the cake. I was extremely happy.

After removing the wax paper, I re-outlined the figure, starred the entire cowgirl in tip 16. I added a few drop flowers to break the white up. I was proud of the outcome, it was my first cake to make this way.

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