Coolest Cowgirl Hat Cake

My daughter’s 3rd birthday was a cowgirl party, so of course I had to make her a homemade cowgirl hat cake!

For the hat, I used (3) 8 inch round cakes… I used Wilton’s cake release all over the pan before pouring in the batter (make sure to cool it COMPLETELY before attempting to remove from pan). I then put them in the freezer (frozen cakes are easier to work with and cut). I placed them on top of each other (using icing in between the layers).

I cut the top to resemble the top portion of a cowboy hat and did a dirty layer of icing (Wilton’s buttercream) all over the cake. I then used MMF (marshmallow fondant) dyed with Wilton’s icing dye and placed it over the top of the cake, using a smoother and a play-dough rolling pin to get it in all the creases.

For the brim, I rolled out some dyed MMF to about ¼ inch (as thin as you can get it or it won’t set). I took my DDs hat, and using a mixing bowl to steady it, turned it upside down. I put wax paper over the whole brim and laid the MMF over the wax paper, trimming around the sides to get it exact… I let this dry for 2 days.

For the base, I used a roasting pan (the only pan large enough to accommodate a life size cake hat) and baked 2 sheet cakes, layering them. I used Wilton’s buttercream icing to ice the cake and I placed the brim on top, with the hat resting on the brim.

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