Cool Homemade Cowgirl Hat Cake

This Cowgirl hat cake is a 15″ double layer cake with the hat made of one solid rice crispy treat shaped into a hat. I shaped it and put into the fridge to harden. I think if I make this again I will make the hat a bit smaller, because it softened up and wasn’t real stable around the edges. But it was the hit of the party and the birthday girl loved it!

I used butter cream frosting and a triple star tip to cover the hat and, fondant flowers, edible gold paint on the flowers for shimmer and on the front lettering. I also sprinkled pink/purple glitter sprinkles on the hat which made it super sparkly.

I also used the same color food coloring in the cake batter so the cake is color coordinated with the frosting (pink/purple).

I suggest you put your candle holes in the hat before you set the hat on cake, it put a lot of pressure on the cake to force the candles in.

This cake was really a blast to create and wish you lots of fun in making your own!

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