Coolest Cowgirl Cakes

I made these cowgirl cakes for my twin girls. They were having a horsie/cowgirl party for their third birthday. I used the Wilton Wonder Mold Pan. You need to use 1 and a half cake mixes. If you use 2 mixes, it will never cook on the inside and the outside will burn.

I bought two doll head cake pics, but pulled their heads off and replaced them with Barbie heads. I thought I could put Barbie’s head back on the doll after the party, but the head was very wobbly when I tried it. I bought Barbie cowgirl hats and shirts on EBay in pink and purple since one twin loves pink and the other loves purple.

If you use a full Barbie, her legs will stick out and you will have to sit the cake on top of another cake to conceal her legs. I used the 3 star tip to decorate and filled in the holes with star tip 16. I made cupcakes and put little horses on top.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Cowgirl Cakes”

  1. Oops. I sent in the picture of the cake before I added the lassos. I used black licorice to put lassos in the doll’s hands.

  2. where did you get all the supplies.. if you could email me with all the info thanks sooo much.. i am not very good at baking anything so i hope it turns out okay..


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