Coolest Lollipop Cake

This is a super easy lollipop cake. I made it for my son’s 5th birthday which was at a place called Lollipop Park so the whole party was lollipop themed.

I started with a box of cake mix and made 24 cupcakes and 12 mini cupcakes. I also cheated and bought icing from the bakery at the supermarket. The consistency is much better to work with when piping the icing on to the cupcakes.

This cupcake cake can be made to accommodate any size and any amount of guests just by making the circle larger. We were only expecting 12 kids so using only 21 of the cupcakes was more than enough (plus there were the mini cupcakes making up the lollipop stick for a few more treats).

I know nothing of how to decorate “properly” and used the only icing tip that I own and just piped it on. I’m sure there are techniques and better tips than what I used, but, that’s the point…keep it simple. Plus, when making cupcakes for kids, they really don’t care if you use one tip or another!

To get the color swirl of a Whirly Pop, I used Wilton’s Color Mist spray. I assembled and sprayed the color on just a few hours before the party to give it some time to mix into orange and green and whatever else came through. I wouldn’t recommend doing the spray color the night before as the color is a liquid and can pool when left to sit out. It just doesn’t look as appetizing with pools of colored liquid sitting on top of your iced cupcakes (or maybe I just used too much?).

The total time this took was 30 minutes to make the cupcakes and then probably another 40 minutes to ice, assemble and color the whole thing.

Also, I got a full size sheet cake board and box to transport it to the party in. I definitely recommend that!

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