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Coolest Crawfish Boil Birthday Cake

My two year old son is infatuated with craw fish  We live in New Orleans where craw fish boils are a fun way to get family and friends together. Since he was celebrating his second year, laissez les bon temps rouler !(Let the good times roll!)

The cake, eh, a plain round chocolate cake. I made it double tall to resemble a craw fish pot. The letters are melted candy molds in the plastic letter molds. The fun part is the craw fish! Lots and lots of candy craw fish molded from a plastic lobster candy mold. Craw fish turn red after boiling hence their red color on the cake.

At a traditional craw fish boil vegetables and other items are also boiled in the pot with the seasoning. I included corn on the cob and mushrooms – two of our favorites. The corn is actually rice crispie treats shaped into small corns then covered in melted candy melts. The rice crispies made it look just like the individual kernels!  The mushrooms were meringue mushrooms similar to what one would see on a yule log.

We throw the boiled craw fish onto tables covered with newspaper (to soak up juices and for easy cleanup). It was only natural to set this cake and its trimmings on the same!

While it was somewhat labor intensive, our guests were really impressed! I even had a friend ask me to make one for her next boil!



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