Coolest Crayon Cake Design

I couldn’t find a cake mold for a crayon box, so I started with all the great crayon cakes on this site. For this Crayon Cake Design I baked one chocolate cake and one yellow cake, trimmed one edge off of both and stuck them together, that way people could choose either chocolate or vanilla cake.

I shaved off about 1/2 inch for the top quarter of the cake, so that I could place the crayons. I used have of ice cream cones for crayons. I used a star tip for the entire cake. I had to free hand the name ‘Emma’ and ‘2’. That was the hardest part.

The cones (or crayons) were the only part of the cake that was not star tipped. I just spread a generous amount of frosting on the cones.

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  1. I think this is so cool! I just came back from Seattle, where I was in a singing competition and we were all dressed as crayons. My next rehearsal is Wednesday and I am thinking of baking & decorating this to bring along with me. I just know my chorus will love it! Thanks for the idea!

    Pasadena, Maryland


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