Coolest Crayon Cake

I made this crayon cake theme for my daughter’s 23rd birthday. It all started when I found these crayon candles months ago. She still loves to color! I used a big 12x18x2″ Wilton cake pan for a white cake. Made buttercream frosting for top and trim.

I wanted to make a coloring book, so I shaped the cake to look like an open book, and tried to transfer pictures several different ways from reading on the internet, but nothing worked. So after refrosting the cake 3 times I just did the it free hand on the right side and wrote on the left side.

Keeping with the theme of these characters, her favorite if she ever was to have a baby, I picked up several items around to place on the board. I had enough batter left to make a candle cake. She love it very much!

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