Coolest Crayon Cake

I recently decided to take up cake decorating. I had my first order for a birthday cake and the theme for the party was crayons. I was asked to do a crayon cake. I checked out some pictures on the web and went from there.

The cake was chocolate with buttercream icing. I was pleased with the turn out, it being my first ‘cake order’. I had never made a cake this size so I had to guess at the amount of icing to use. I under guessed that and I ran out of the yellow. I had to try to mix more to match what I already had used and that was very hard to do.

This was also the second cake that I baked for this party because the first one was over cooked. I bought a ‘core’ for my cake pan and that helped so much. After seeing the cake, I could see several things I would do different next time. I used some real crayons, the next time I would probably try to make the crayons out of royal icing. I would also make the ‘larger’ crayons more realistic next time.

I am now ready for another challenge. Maybe a wedding cake next time.

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  1. I think this cake is great for your job. Very creative. I have been decorating cakes since November and I can understand how you feel. Keep going it will get better.


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