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Coolest Creeper from Minecraft Cake

This Creeper from Minecraft Cake was for my son Dash’s 9th birthday – he decided on a Minecraft theme. Minecraft is a computer game and everything is pixelated and very square.

The cake itself is a white chocolate mudcake, it is a 7 inch by 7 inch cube so it took a lot of cake. I made a 12 inch by 18 inch sheet cake and one 7 inch square cake. Underneath the fondant is white chocolate ganache. I used store bought white fondant which I colored 4 different shades of green, one shade of grey and one shade of purple.

I bought store bought black fondant as well. I used a small square cutter to cut lots of small squares to get the pixelated effect. I printed out an image of creeper and counted the pixels on the image and matched them up to the side of the cake. It took four hours to color, roll out and cut the squares and stick them on. Creeper hisses and talks about having something that is nice so on top of the cake we cut out lettering which reads “that’ssss a nice cake you’ve got Dasssssshhh”.

We put sparklers on top so it looked like the Creeper head was exploding.

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