Coolest Minecraft Creeper Cake

My son is turning 10. I hardly know how tall he is because 90% of the time, he sits at his computer playing Minecraft. When he stood up the last time, I discovered he looked a lot more like a teenager than a little kid. So I panicked because his first double-digit birthday was almost here, and I didn’t want the cake to make him feel like a baby.

So, I asked him what theme he wanted for his party. “Minecraft,” he replied. So I looked it up online. The pixilated game has no spinoff toys (well, okay, it does have a foam pickaxe); no online birthday discount shops have picked it up and made paper napkins for it… so what to do? The only image that seemed consistent was this weird “creeper” that is different shades of green, all boxes, with a very specific square face.

Anyway. I took one look at the creeper and thought: I can do that. Brownies make up the face and the rest of the surface is all rice-krispy treats to which I added various amounts of green sugar (left over from failed Xmas cookies). Result? It looks awesomely like a creeper!! (I’ll see if I can find a creeper photo off the web to show you).

Anyway: son’s jaw dropped. His friends applauded (!!) and they had fun “stabbing” the creeper with birthday candles and then pretending it was going to explode.

(Apparently, creepers are supposed to hiss before they explode: the cake I made does not explode or hiss, but it would be hilarious if you could put a recording of the hiss somewhere near the cake…make those boys duck for cover!!)

Homemade Minecraft Creeper Cake

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  1. Love this idea! So easy, even I can do this. My son is 11 today and I too am not sure how tall he is, he is playing Minecraft all the time with a friend. He is going to flip when he sees this. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks for posting the comment – I wish I was a baker like a lot of these posted cakes–I have to say this cake was SUCH a big hit (and so easy!) that I made it again for a rooftop party of boys. They’re fiends for Minecraft. Good luck with your son’s party!

  3. I am in the kitchen now making a “Creeper” cake for my “teenage” Minecrafter. Thanks for posting this picture – I love htat you used rice crispy treats…we’ll have to do that next time.

  4. Thanks for the awesome idea! All of the other cakes I found online seemed so difficult to make with a lot of fondant. Not a fan of fondant. This is perfect! I’m making this today for my son’s Minecraft birthday party.

  5. You are a lifesaver!! My twin boys are turning 9 at the end of this month, and I have been going nuts trying to figure out how to “do Minecraft” as the requested theme (of one of the boys).

    As you said — nothing at Party City…nothing at the local bakery…

    They had already said that they wanted brownies v/s a cake — this will be perfect!

    Can you clarify about the sugar? At first glance, I had thought it was food coloring. So — did you do the sugar when you were molding it — or after it was already flattened out and cut?

    Love this idea – thanks again!!

  6. Thank you so much! My son turns 9 on Saturday and wants a Minecraft party but I couldn’t find a cake, now I have a cool alternative!

  7. Sorry I didn’t see the question about the sugar. It’s colored sugar that you get at any store that sells cake decorating stuff (for me it was a nearby gourmet grocery–I had bought it for Xmas cookies and had a ton of green left) — I colored the rice Krispy treats while they cooled in the fridge and did three “levels” of sugaring of them–some dark, medium, light green. Then arranged the squares randomly in the tray around the brownies).

    By the way, everyone, thanks for the feedback on the easy cake. I was really reluctant to post alongside all the professionals who know how to bake and make fondant ad stuff. You made me feel like a good mom!

  8. I LOVE this cake … I only wish I would have researched this sooner and I could have made it for my son who’s 11th birthday party is tomorrow. He is a mine craft fan and also plays this a lot … I already ordered a DQ ice- cream cake that has an edible digital picture on top with the Mine craft characters . So it’s lovely , but not homemade . I know it will still be a huge hit with the boys , so if anyone doesn’t have time to make their own homemade cake the DQ cake is another option . I think the birthday party decoration stores would make a lot of money if they carried Minecraft birthday accessories ! Cheers , J. Nasralla B.C.Canada

  9. This is the easiest creeper cake on the web. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be making this for my minecraft addicted son also.


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