Coolest Minecraft Creeper Cake

My daughter is a huge fan of the computer game called Minecraft, so for her ninth birthday we threw her a Minecraft themed party. Even though in the game Minecraft, you can actually make a cake that is brown and has white frosting on top with red dots, what she wanted was a Creeper Cake. A Creeper is one of the monsters that you battle in-game, so after much planning and research I made a Homemade Minecraft Creeper Cake. It took three 9×13 cakes, and two batches of buttercream frosting to do the job but I did it!

After baking the cakes, I cut the tops off and the edges as well so that everything lines up as square as possible. I used a can of spray-on green food coloring and a block pattern stencil (I got the idea from some cupcakes I had seen online) to make the subtle block pattern on the frosting, and a little bit of store bought fondant dyed black for the face and toes, rolled out and then cut using a pizza cutter and a ruler.

Homemade Minecraft Creeper Cake

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  1. So glad I came across this just in time for my boy’s 9th birthday! He’s obsessed with Minecraft, as are half his friends, and his fave color is green as well, so the Creeper Cake is uber-awesome. I was kind of dreading the party prep this year, but now I’m excited because this is so novel after years of Spider Man, Star Wars, and Transformer parties. He’s way into all things zombie as well, and Minecraft has zombies, so doubly cool.

  2. We did this for my partners 21st, he loved it. Great cake for anyone at any age that has played it~

  3. Excellent idea am going to have a shot for my son’s 25th and daughters 15th they are both obsessed with minecraft lol x

  4. Its my daughters 19th birthday in 2 days, not a typical girlie type she will love this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Thank you so much for posting how you made this. It is great!! I am totally stealing your idea. It is going to make me a Hero to my son and several of his friends since I always make a lot of his friends cake. I hadn’t thought about the spray on icing and a stencil. I was trying to figure out how to give it the right texture. You are a cake genius!!

  6. I am making a mindcraft cake for my grandson’s birthday and I love yours. Could you put more detailed instructions up? I would like to see the stencil that you made and wonder how you got the subtle differences in color. Thanks so much.

  7. My son’s birthday is next week and he’s going to love this! Thanks for the idea. It looks great. HISSSSSS BOOM!

  8. I love your idea for this..I tried my own and partially failed.. This is alot harder than I thought..Lets just say alot of frosting. lol your cake is flawless..the things we do for our kids right? Congrats..

  9. I have not seen any spray on food colours here in Australia what brand make it. Also where did you get the stencil from

  10. HELP… I need the stencil for my son’s cake for tomorrow’s party!!! Can anyone help??? THanks a million!!!

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