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Coolest Crocodile Cake Design

I made this fun Crocodile Cake Design for my kids’ summer camp which had a crocodile theme. I baked two 12 inch round cakes, one 10 inch round cake, and 6 jumbo cupcakes. One round cake became the crocodile’s middle section. I carved the second 12 inch round cake into the tail, and the ten inch cake into the head. Four of the jumbo cupcakes became feet, and the other two were trimmed and became eyes.

I frosted the entire crocodile in green buttercream, then piped details in black and white for the mouth, eyes, and teeth. The crocodile’s bumps were jelly candies.

This cake can easily be made larger or smaller, depending on the size cake pans you use!

Homemade Crocodile Cake Design

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