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Coolest Debit Card Birthday Cake

My sister shops almost every single day so I decided that for her birthday I would make her a Debit Card Birthday Cake. Making it was actually pretty easy. I just used two rectangular pans and stacked the cakes on each other. It was red velvet with cream cheese filling, so yummy! Once that was done I chilled it in the fridge for about an hour or so.

Then I used cream cheese frosting, dyed it red, and covered the whole cake. I then dyed a little more frosting to make it gray and used an icing tip (not sure what the name of it is) for the numbers. I made the numbers her birth date and made sure I wrote it exactly like how it looks on a regular debit card. Then I was going to put the bank that she banks with on the cake, but my mom kept telling me to make it say “Your bank” since it was her birthday and everything.

In all, it was a pretty easy cake to decorate and not to mention fun!

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