I started this Deer Cake with 2 9×13 pans and 3 6 inch round pans, baked a white cake in them. I cut the 9×13 cakes in half and frosted vanilla butter cream in the middle and crumb coated it. I then cut the 6 inches in half and used 2 halves for the legs and the other to buildup the head.

I frosted in between all of them, then did a full crumb coat. I used skewers for support to keep the head from falling. I used floral wire covered with fondant for the antlers and didn’t put them in until it was delivered. I then made up some chocolate butter cream and started frosting the cake and used black colored butter cream to fill in the eyes and feet and nose.

I had a picture of a buck for a reference. I used a fondant tool to make the texture for the fur. I made this cake for an avid hunter for his birthday, his wife almost passed out when she came and got it. It took me over 4 hours to sculpt and frost just to make it the way I wanted it. I hope you all like it.