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Coolest Dennis the Menace Birthday Cake

I made this Dennis the Menace birthday cake for my son’s 5th birthday and it was a big hit with his little friends and their parents too! Oh, and I’m his Dad.

Dennis the Menace comics in the UK are different to the US version and the stripy sweater and spiky hair are familiar to everyone over here in England.

The idea came from glancing at a book of cake designs in my local bookshop (remember when we had those?). I saw it at lunchtime but didn’t have my wallet with me but when I went back later in the day: no book. Someone had bought it. I have a pretty good memory so I thought I’d give the cake a try without the book and I’m proud of the way it turned out.

The cake itself is a couple of basic chocolate sponges, layered, sculpted into ball and covered with chocolate butter cream. The leaves of the bush were cut from the green rolled fondant icing using a flower cutter and were glued on with sugar paste. Dennis is made from more colored fondant. All in all, it’s an easy cake to make but the result is great.

On reflection, I should have painted the black stripes for a better effect but apart from that, I wouldn’t change anything if I made it again. Sadly, this was the last Dad-made birthday cake – the next year, he asked if he could have a ‘a Power Rangers cake from a shop like all my friends do’. Oh well, it was fun for a while.

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