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Coolest Sushi Roll Birthday Cake

My daughter and son-in-law are sushi nuts. It was her birthday and he was taking her out to a great sushi restaurant. Naturally I had to make a ‘simple’ California roll, right? They were half way through their meal when my husband delivered the Homemade Sushi Roll Birthday Cake in my favorite bamboo steamer, complete with chopsticks. They had ordered and eaten so much for dinner, they carried the completely intact cake back out through the restaurant when they left, to be eaten later with friends that were to meet them at home. Everyone followed them in the restaurant thinking they had a huge roll of real sushi – Even the restaurant staff thought it was real!

I used my carrot cake recipe, as it holds up well to fondant, then covered it with cream cheese frosting. I made the ‘carrot,’ ‘celery’ and ‘salmon’ from fondant, placing them on top first. I then filled the top with chopped flaked coconut as the rice. After sizing the single fondant sheet around the cake as the nori, I used leftover bits of black fondant for the ‘black sesame seeds’ as garnishment amidst the coconut. Add steamer and chopsticks and “Now you have nice sushi roll cake.”

Homemade Sushi Roll Birthday Cake

Homemade Sushi Roll Birthday Cake

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  1. I dont know how old this post is but if you happen to read this I was wondering what recipe you used for you fondont? I want to do the same for my daughter and was looking on the web on how to make a sushi roll cake. Your cake looks awesome!


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