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Coolest Disney CARS Race Track Cake

I made this Disney CARS Race Track Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday party! I used a combination of several cake ideas I had seen online to create my own unique spin on the cake.

Bottom layer is two 11 x 15 cakes, piled on one another with icing in between. Top layer is two oval shaped pans (in Wilton 4 pc oval set it is the size one larger than the smallest pan) again stacked and held together with icing between. Used 5 cut straws for support under a oval-cut cake board to prevent the top layer from sinking into the bottom layer of the cake.

Black checkers around bottom of the cake is just fondant cut with square cookie cutters. Used green colored bottled icing to do the grass area. Black race track is black-tinted icing (store bought white icing in tub), topped with black decorative sprinkles.

CARS logo design with the #3 on it was made from fondant and the 3 was written with an “icing pen”. Top layer’s yellow color was just icing spray, which comes in a can.

That’s really all there was too it !! Simple concept just took quite a while to get it all right and the way I pictured it in my head … very heavy in the end so I used a cake board underneath and used double sided tape to adhere the cardboard to a heavy cutting board for lifting/ moving/ etc.

This cake fed about 30 kids and about 20 adults, with the whole top layer and about 1/4 of the bottom layer left over in the end, so a very large cake, can scale down if needed to a single 11 x 15 bottom layer and single oval pan on top to reduce size if needed.

Coolest Disney CARS Race Track Cake

Coolest Disney CARS Race Track Cake

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