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Cute Homemade Pink Disney Princess Castle Cake

I made this Disney Princess Castle Cake for a friend whose little girl loves Princesses. I used the yellow cake recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook and added almond extract to make it even more delicious. Since I don’t have square pans, I baked rounds and trimmed them. The top tier is not square, and it sits flush with the back of the bottom tier, to give the princesses more space for dancing.

All the towers are made from Rice krispies treats with sprinkles added in. I covered them in buttercream, then fondant. The ice cream cone roofs are covered in buttercream and covered with course sparkle sugar. I used a skewer to support the ice cream cone, and a glob of buttercream on the end of the skewer. Next I used cut skewers to support the towers from the side, and I glued them with buttercream on the bottom and where they attach to the cake. I should have piped the green before I put the tower on.

Then I piped the green vines with buttercream. Next time I will practice the piping more before I dive in. I transported the cake very nervously on my lap, then put the princesses on with skewers. I used sprinkles on the plate to hide the bottom of the fondant.

Really, I love using toys on cakes. The child gets a special handmade cake and then keeps the toys as souvenirs. Next time I will make up extra ice cream cones and bring them to the party. They were a hot commodity, along with Rice Krispies treats. Don’t be scared to make a fancy cake. This is my second. I have a lot to learn, but this cake made a little girl very happy!

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