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Coolest Doggy Paw Cake

My daughter asked for a “Doggy Paw Cake” for her 3rd Birthday so I made a 9 inch round cake, sliced it in half, filled it with a whipped and cherry filling, iced the sides in buttercream and piped “green grass” also buttercream on the top and the trim at the bottom is buttercream.

For the Doggy, food, bowl, water bowl, ball, and paw prints I made some marshmallow fondant (you can find the instructions online, it’s very simple). I tinted the fondant brown, red, blue, green, and black. I then shaped the fondant until I got a dog that I thought was okay (you can find a very good video for this online as well). I made a small circle about the size of a nickle and the width of two put together then pressed my finger in the middle to make the food and water bowls. I made the food from brown fondant and the water from blue and placed those in the bowls. I just guessed on the paw prints and placed them where I thought they looked good.

All in all it turned out pretty good!

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