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Coolest Doll Dress Cake

I was asked to make a princess cake for a friend’s daughter. I had previously made a stand-up Barbie Doll Dress Cake and knew how hard it was, so I decided to modify the idea and make 3 little dresses out of muffins. This made decorating and assembly so much easier!

I made two 8″ rounds from vanilla/white mix. These were to be the base for the little princesses. I iced them with pink buttercream when they were stacked on top of each other. It looked really cute!

I then made 3 muffins from leftover cake mix and when they were cooked I took them out of the cases, turned them upside down and stuck them into the pink icing. I then iced each dress a different colour; I used the same colour as the bodices that were already painted on the dolls because I did not want to pipe my own bodice! This meant I had a green, a blue and a purple dress.

From then on it became easy. I just used various sprinkles (edible hearts, silver balls, mini marshmallows etc.) to decorate the dresses. When I was done decorating I pushed the dolls into the centre of their dresses. To finish, I stuck edible flowers around the edge of the pink cake, and dusted everything with edible pink glitter.

It was magical to see the faces of my friend and her daughter when I presented it to them! I thought it actually looked better than my stand-up cake I had already made, so I was glad I chose this idea!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. MY granddaughter is going to celebrate her third birthday, and as she thinks she is already a princess, this will work wonderfully, plus her cousins will be able to have a princess of their own also! Again, thank you!


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