Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Dora the Explorer Scene Cake

well the cake took me 4 hours to make i made the buttercream and the filling.the filling was cookies and cream side was 2 layers and the other was 4 layers.i sprayed it green with my spray gun.the water was blue icing i cut in to the middel of the cake the part where the 4 layers meet the 2 layers to make the waterfall.i had bought the dora the explorer toy from the store it supposed to be on another cake but i didn’t like that cake so i took littel bits of other cakes to make this one.when i was half way done with the buttercream and the filling my mixer burned out on me so i had to do the rest by hand, an let me tell u that was some hard work.hope u enjoy my cake as much as i did when i was done making it.

Coolest Dora the Explorer Cake

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