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Coolest Duck Pond Cake 85

I made this Duck pond cake as a classic Victoria sponge with a golden syrup twist. I made three separate layers, stacking two then shaping the third for the ledge.

I dyed the buttercream grass color and piped it over the entire cake, missing the lake which was made of fondant icing. I shaped the ducks from ready roll and made the grassy reeds from jelly sweets. The rocks are chocolate fudge chucks placed and I finished off the pond detail with Lilly pads.

I love making cakes which are bright colors so this was up my street. I added small flowers over the cakes and finished off with a butterfly just about to fly away.

The cake went down well and so did they taste, it was thoroughly enjoyed all round and served a lot of people!

Homemade Duck Pond Cake

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