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Ducky Baby Shower Cake

Enlarge your favorite Duck/Ducky. This duck was improved by a co-worker who made the beak which I then enlarged on copier. Initially cake made for a staffing around Easter.  At that time it was just the duck with only white stars around duck, which could still make a nice shower cake… also.

For outline cut around the outside and then along part of the lines, so that you can have clear area to outline. Do not cut the entire way through as you need it too.

Need 2 batches of butter cream icing.  9″x13″ cake.

After cooling your cake, take paper outline and rub around outside with some cocoa powder. Remove paper outline.  Outline your duck with white butter cream. Go around twice to build up your outline. Fill in with chosen colors. Can build up and make duck more 3-d by filling in then adding more icing up and around.  Chose in this cake to use 4 colors ( plain, blue, yellow, and orange).

Tips used:  yellow duck, Wilton 18 (larger star); orange beak, Wilton 17 (star);  white outline of duck, Wilton 3;  white sky, Wilton 191 –moving back and forth as squiggly;  nlue water, Wilton 131 — moving back and forth as squiggly around duck;  blue writing, Wilton 4.

Can go around outside to make rosette type boarder with 191 and 131, matching colors.

At very end outline again with white for ducky. You can alter your tips and have fun making it up as you go.

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