I made this Homemade Eiffel Tower Cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday. She has a “thing” for Paris and the Eiffel Tower (not sure why or where it came from), so this was a great idea. I decided to challenge myself with a 3D tower instead of a 2D. The last birthday in the family was my son’s 4th, and I made a cool pirate ship cake. My daughter had high expectations. So I gave it a try.

I broke the tower down into 5 parts: the base, the first balcony, the middle unit, the second balcony, and the tower. I started with 2 sheet cakes and cut out the pieces that would make up those parts. I had to measure them carefully in order to make sure the final result had the right dimensions. Using a model that my daughter had in her room (purchased months earlier as a decorative piece for her bedroom), I measured the pieces carefully. For the base, the middle section and the tower, I layered cut outs of the cake (using buttercream frosting as the glue) and shaved the edges to give it the right shape. I then coated each unit with frosting and wrapped each in pink fondant. For the two balconies, I couldn’t get the cake to maintain its shape and be thin enough, so I ended up making plain cookies (any recipe for crunchy cookies would do) in the square sizes I needed. I then frosted those and wrapped them in pink fondant. I left the pieces in the fridge overnight to harden. Also- the cake was too tall to keep assembled in my fridge.

Last step- Assemble the cake. Use a wooden skewer pressed in from the center of the top tower to hold it in place and keep it straight. Using a powder based decorating frosting (thin enough for piping) I “drew” on the border and the crisscross design. I couldn’t get the right consistency for the piping at first, so it came out sloppier than I would have liked. I’ll know for next time.

As an add-on, I made the poodle out of fondant (held together by toothpicks) and placed it at the base.