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To Paris with Love Baby Shower Cake

My friend, Sue asked me to make a cake for her daughter-in-law Deanna’s baby shower.  Deanna wanted a Paris-themed cake. I searched the internet and found several cakes.   I sent several pictures to Sue and she, of course, picked the one I didn’t like. But I wasn’t  going to say anything.  Instead, I combined ideas from several other cakes and came up with this one and surprised her. Sue loved it and Deanna loved it and the guests loved it.  The cake is red velvet, of course.

The bottom is three ten-inch layers. The top is two six-in layers. Both are covered with white fondant and then decorated with fondant. For the “Welcome Baby” and the baby’s name signs, I wrote the words using an edible marker. I made the Eiffel Tower out of fondant the day before and let it harden. There are two wooden skewers attached to the back which I then stuck into the cake.

To make the “pearls” around the bottom, I rolled out fondant until it was about 1/2″ thick, then I cut out circles with my smallest circle cookie cutter. That way they are all the same amount of fondant. Then I rolled them into balls and stuck them to the cake with a small paint brush and water. After they were all attached, I brushed them with a mixture of vodka and luster dust.

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