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Easy Homemade Blue Elephant Birthday Cake

My friend likes elephants and one of our favorite outings is to the zoo to see the Festival of Lights, so I made her this elephant birthday cake for her birthday.  The head is made from an 8 in. round cake pan.  The ears are made from an 8 in. round  cake pan also and cut wavy down the center. The trunk/tusks are cut to shape from an 8 in square cake pan. This means you use 2 packaged cakes and will have some left over. I tend to make another small cake to take over to my neighbors when this happens.

Necco wafers make up the eyes and M&M’s were used for the pupils. You can stick the M&M’s on the Neccos with a dab of frosting. The birthday lady likes Circus Peanuts, so I scattered some of those around the elephant, too.  She loved it and everyone at the restaurant we took it to for dessert stopped by to admire it also.

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