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Cool Homemade Elephant on a Ball Circus Theme Cake

I made this circus cake for a friend who was having a joint birthday party for all of her children. They were having a circus themed party so I decided to make an elephant cake using a Wilton elephant shaped pan.

I decorated the elephant with a blanket on his back (to which I added the ages of all of the children) and decoration on his forehead to mimic an elephant you may see at a circus. I also made a beach ball for him to stand on using an 8in round cake pan.

I decorated both cakes using tinted buttercream icing. I simply placed them close together to make it look like the elephant was standing on the ball. I made sure to add little details with icing like fringe to the blanket and “gems” around the forehead piece to make the elephant look like he belonged in a circus.

This cake was a huge hit at the party and all four children loved it.

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