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Adorable Homemade 3D Pink Elephant Birthday Cake

It was my friend’s 18th, so I made her a pink elephant cake. It wasn’t that complicated to make, but it did take a large amount of time. It only requires one, round shaped cake, baked in a pudding bowl. I made it in a small pudding bowl due to a limited amount of fondant icing, but you can change it depending on your needs, mine served about 5 people.

Once the cake is cooled, and covered in butter icing, cover it in pale pink icing. Then make a round ball of icing for the head, and rolled it out such that it is shaped like a head and a trunk. Place a sharp edge across the truck section to create a wrinkle look. Add large flat circles to the side of the head as ears, and place smaller, paler circles on top of them. Put newspaper behind the ears to keep them upright. This was the trickiest bit, you really need to make sure the ears are secured, as I had one fall off when I presented the cake!

Then, with a darker pink, add a cute hair do, and a tail, then add eyes and eyebrows to give expression. And viola!, a cute elephant cake.

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