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Cool Homemade Repulican Party Elephant Cake

I made this elephant cake for my college Republican club campaign party. I made a rectangular cake and printed a picture of the elephant off of my computer to use as a stencil, sorta, and cut each of the three colored sections out separately then put them together with icing. I think that it gives it a more defined look with the colors instead of just trying to ice the entire cake at one time.

The stars are fondant. The rest of the icing is my mom’s recipe for butter cream icing with food coloring for the red and blue.

The trunk was the hardest part. Honestly, I broke it, but that’s what icing is made for and you can’t even tell. I’m not the biggest fan of the stars, because I was still experimenting with fondant.

The cake is white, but I added red, white, and blue sprinkles to the batter to make confetti cake.

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