I made this Elmo birthday cake for my friend’s niece who was turning 2, and she LOVES Elmo! I baked 2 square 8″ cakes and 2 round 6″ cakes, all chocolate and layered with chocolate icing. The bottom tier was covered in homemade fondant tinted with Wilton Rose, and the top tier was covered in fondant tinted with orange and bright yellow to make it brighter!

I then used a fondant cutter to cut out the circle decorations and the 2. Elmo was made of homemade rice krispie treats and covered in homemade fondant tinted in no taste red, and I scraped the fondant with a knife to give the appearance of fur. He was held together and in place on top of the cake with chopsticks. His eyes are white fondant held in place with toothpicks, as well as his nose, which is tinted orange. His mouth is black fondant. The gifts and bows were sculpted with the leftover pink, orange and red fondant. I made the banner out of red fondant and piped the wording in orange with tip #3. The red border was done with tip #18.