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Cute Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake for my Brothers

I made this Elmo Birthday Cake for my brothers'(they are twins) birthday as a joke (they were turning 14 years old). I baked the cake using Betty Crocker cake mix. Then, when the cake was cool, I used black butter cream frosting and a small circle tip with a decorating bag, and I outlined everything and filled in Elmo’s mouth and smoothed it out with a spatula and then I used the same tip with yellow butter cream and filled in the birthday present and spread it smooth with a spatula.

Afterwards, I took another decorating bag and used a star tip on Elmo’s eyes, body, and ice cream cone, cleaning out the bag between frosting color changes. Then I used the star tip with orange butter cream frosting and decorated the background in orange. Then, instead of cleaning out the back I got rid of most of the orange frosting (leaving some on the sides of the bag), added blue frosting, and frosted Elmo’s birthday hat.

Finally, I used the black buttercream frosting and added pupils to Elmo’s eyes with the small circle tip and wrote my brother’s names on the gift box. I hope this cake looks a yummy as it tasted! (I made this cake at age 14, I am now 15).

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