Coolest Elmo Birthday Cupcakes and Cake

This Homemade Elmo Birthday Cupcakes and Cake is very simple if you have the Wilton Elmo cake pan. Just bake according to directions on pan and also bake a batch of cupcakes. One tip for decorating cake: if you let the frosting get slightly warm before piping the red star shapes, Elmo’s “fur” will appear fluffier (and less pointy) and shinier.

For the cupcakes I used Elmo cupcake liners. Frost each with red frosting. Tip: gel food coloring works much better than liquid for achieving a bright red color. Then, for each cupcake cut the following in half: a marshmallow, a black jelly bean and an orange gumball. The jelly beans will stick best if you apply them to the sticky side of the cut marshmallow.

Easy and cute!

Homemade Elmo Birthday Cupcakes and Cake

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