Sweet Homemade Elmo Cake

I made this Elmo Cake for my very sweet 2yr old little boy!! It is a three layer white cake with coconut cream filling. I made the coconut cream filling from scratch but instead of adding the coconut I used coconut extract because I didn’t want the coconut texture in my cake.

I just used a traditional white cake mix and I used a homemade cream cheese icing. For the actual cake decorations, I used regular coconut and I dyed it red with the spray food coloring you get in the cake decorating section at Walmart (not the baking isle). I found that the spray food coloring gives you a more even distribution of color.

I also let the coconut dry afterward so the food coloring didn’t run and bleed on my white icing. Then I just used white icing, orange dyed icing, and black dyed icing to make his eyes, mouth, and nose. I liked the 3D effect I got with the coconut and all the adults really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t just the plain ol’ blah birthday cake!!

I did make some cupcakes to go along with the cake (Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Oscar the grouch cupcakes) that didn’t have coconut, just in case I had some guests that didn’t like it. The coconut cream filling (which is just homemade vanilla pudding with coconut extract) kept the cake so moist and my little man LOVED his “Mo” cake!

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