Coolest Elmo Sphere Cake

This was my first character cake, didn’t expect it to even turn out but I was pleasantly surprised. I just cooked two dome cakes with a Pyrex glass bowl. I used 2 boxes of cake mix and put 3cups in each bowl and then made cupcakes with the leftovers.

Then I put them together and gave them a crumb coat and placed it in the freezer for 45min. Then gave it it’s final coat and pricked it with a fork to give it the fuzz affect. I was going to cut a wedge out for his mouth but thought it might topple over so I just drew that in.

I used cupcakes for his nose and eyes. Just had to shape them. Cut the cupcake down to about an inch thick for his nose and kind of shaped it like a teardrop. And for his eyes I basically removed the “muffin top” part and then rounded the edges. I made sure to ice the eyes and nose as much as I could (at least get the parts that are going to be touching the red) so that I didn’t smear red all over.

Then just kept it in the fridge until ready to eat so the icing wouldn’t melt off. I did use store bought icing which did melt off an hour after we cut into the cake. Make sure to use a lot of toothpicks for the eyes and nose. I think I used 3 for the nose and 2 on each eyeball and 2 to connect the eyeballs to each other.

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