I saw these eye cakes in a magazine and thought I should try it. So easy and really fun! Using unglazed donut holes (holds frosting really well) and M&Ms these are great for a Halloween party.

After looking at the grocery stores for weeks I was unable to find unglazed donut holes. So I went to the local donut store and ordered a few dozen holes unglazed. (Check, because I needed to give them a few days notice before I picked them up).

I used a can of white frosting and melted it a little in the microwave. Just a few seconds, you want it workable, not soup. I then dipped each donut in the frosting coating it, and set it on a wire wrack to cool and harden. I immediately (before it cooled) placed an M&M on backward (so the M&M did not show). (TIP: only use eye colors of M&Ms ex: blue, green, brown. Red, yellow, orange does not look as real.) Because red frosting is so hard to make I bought a tube of it, which made it extremely easy to draw on the lines of the eyes.

Place in a bowl and serve! These were a huge hit at my husbands work Halloween party.