Coolest and Quickest Eyeball Cake

My friend, Deann, asked me if I could make her son’s birthday cake this year. She showed me a photo of the cake she wanted and I agreed! I had made something similar for my own son a few years ago, so I pretty much knew what I was doing.

Here is how I made my version of the Eyeball Cake:

I used:

2 Dunken Hines Red Velvet Cake Mixes (follow instructions on box)

2 batches of Wilton Butter cream Icing

1 small container of red writing icing or red decorating gel

7 black Wilton Candy Melts

Blue food coloring

1 package of fake eyes from a dollar-type store

What I did:

I made the cakes the night before the party. I used a 9 inch round cake pan and baked three cakes. I used the two larger cakes for the Eyeball Cake, and the smaller cake to crumble for decoration.

I made two batches of Wilton butter cream.

For the first cake, I iced all around the cake and the top. Then I carefully fitted the next cake on top. I chose the cake with a rounded top, to make sure the eye wasn’t flat. I then iced the second cake with butter cream, making sure it was smooth.

After icing the whole cake with white butter cream, I made a small batch of blue icing for the iris. You can use any color you wish. Wilton decorator gel colors are very vibrant and work the best, but I couldn’t find my set so I used regular food dye.

For the iris of the eye, I carefully ‘drew’ on a blue circle. This does not have to be perfect, just do your best. I let that ‘cure’ for a few minutes while I applied the red gel.

I started at the top of the cake and drew slightly squiggly lines to represent bloodshot eyes. I added ‘branches’ out from my original lines to make it appear very bloodshot.

I didn’t have black food color or gel, so I melted down 7 Wilton Candy Melts using a makeshift double boiler (a metal bowl over a frying pan of boiling water). When the candy melted, I used a spoon to swirl black candy over the blue. This made the pupil.

Since I had extra cake, I scooped out some cake, crumbled it and placed it around the entire cake. I had a bag of cheap eyeballs that I used as an added decoration.

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