I made this Eyeball Cake for my stepson’s 8th birthday. This is actually the practice cake, as I have never worked with fondant before. He said he wanted a Cyclops cake, so this is the cake. There will also be a 18 inch cyclops made from rice cereal treats and modeling chocolate (never used those before either) standing next to the cake.

I started with 2 sheet cakes, stacked and cut to shape. I added a round piece of cake on top to define the pupil and iris. I rolled white fondant for the middle of the eye, brown fondant for the eyelids, and black for the pupil and lashes. I finished with a purple fondant for the iris. I brushed the pupil and iris with water, which after drying left a nice shine that you can see in the picture. I used ready made red tubed icing for the blood shot effect.

I don’t generally draw things out before I do them, so this was done “off the cuff”. I hope you like it. When I make the final cake with the cyclops, I will upload a picture.