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Coolest Fairy Tree Trunk Cake

My daughter wanted everything fairies for her 4th birthday- but not Tinkerbell fairy, more like the flower fairies of the Cicely Mary Barker books that she had grown to love. So I started scowering the internet looking for non-Tinkerbell fairy cake ideas, and big surprise, found some great inspiration on here! I ended up merging a couple of ideas I found for tree trunk cakes on this website and made this Fairy Tree Trunk Cake.

I baked 4 chocolate 6 inch cake rounds, and stacked them (gluing each layer in place with chocolate frosting of course), and ran two dowels down the center for structural support. I used some of the remnants I had shaved off the tops of the cakes to make little roots on the bottom, attached with more chocolate frosting. Then I frosted the whole thing with even more chocolate frosting, using vertical spatula strokes to create a bark like appearance.

I tinted some premade white Wilton fondant (bought at our local craft store) tan and rolled it out into a thin sheet. I used one of the 6 inch cake pans as a guide and traced a circle out to be the top cross section of the tree trunk. I used an exacto knife to cut out 2 little windows and a door as well. I dyed a ball of the left over fondant red and shaped it by hand into little toadstools, adding polka dots and stems with a little white fondant I had left over as well.

I put the top cross section on the top of the stump, stuck the door and windows on (no special attachments necessary, the frosting was enough to hold it in place), and then went in with a small paintbrush and the left over chocolate frosting for some detail work. I painted rings on the top cross section on the stump, latches and a door knob on the door, and some light vertical lines on the door as well to give it a woodgrain look.

I made up a little batch of green frosting and piped some curvy vines and leaves up the sides of the stump with a small star tip. I found these great little pre-made pink fondant flowers at the craft store (also by Wilton) that I stuck on the vines for some fun accents. Using the same small star tip, I put some little grassy patches along the base of the stump and then stuck in the fondant mushrooms I made.

Lastly, I stuck in a #4 candle with a little more green grass frosting and we were good to go! The entire project took about 3 hours, but seeing her face was well worth it! And I have to say that I had fun, this was my first time working with fondant and it was just like play-doh! I don’t know why I was so scared to try it, definitely going to use it more now.



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