Since I have four boys…I never pass up the opportunity to make a girlie cake for my wonderful niece! This fairy world cake was her 5th birthday cake. Since she liked Tinkerbell at the time, we went with a “fairy world” themed cake. It is a two tier round cake, with the top tier set off to the back of the cake. The cake is on a 13 x 19 rectangle cake board, covered in foil…which allowed plenty of room to create the water fall and have it flow off the cake onto the board. This process is very easy. Once you pipe the blue icing into the “area” you want for the water fall, go back with a small paintbrush to give it the peaks. Dip it into white icing to add whiter peaks, or darker blue food coloring to add more blue to it. It’s kind of like painting a cake. Very fun and you can’t mess it up!

I had pre-made the green long leaves, cattails, mushrooms, pink rocks and flowers on lily pads out of gum paste and fondant mixed. If you mix the two (about 50-50) it allows you to work with it longer than just gum paste alone, but it dries harder and faster than fondant alone. The cattails and mushrooms were set on green floral wire to allow them to be placed alongside the water fall, but I didn’t want them to fall over either. Some of the leaves I cut by hand, some I used a leaf press for. They are all different and that’s the way you want them. Once I had “outlined” the water fall with the pink rocks, the cake became a canvas again. All you do now is add your pre-made pieces however you want. The fairies are plastic and I purchased them in a five pack from a “well known” store for about $10.00. I figured she could have them to play with after the party then.

The “Happy 5th Crown” on the bottom left will be set on the very top once the cake arrives at its destination. By the time this cake was done, I was ready to go live in the fairy world!…what girl wouldn’t?