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Garden Fairy Cake

I made this garden fairy cake for my daughter who was turning 9. I wanted to make something special so decided to make a “Garden Fairy Party. The cake is 2 tiers, bottom tier is a 12 x4 in. and the top is 8×4 in. and both are yellow cakes with pink, purple and blue sprinkles and pastry cream..mmm mmm! The cake is covered with marshmallow fondant (MMF).

I made 3 batches of MMF a week before. I know it sounds like a lot but it was very easy to make. I dyed 2 batches in pink since I wanted to cover the whole cake in pink did not want to be short, that would have been disastrous and the third batch I dyed it and divided it into different colors such as purple, yellow, orange and sky blue for the flowers, green for the grass. So now all my colors are done..time to make the flowers.

I took out all my flower cutters with my mom as my helper we kneaded the fondant and added in some gum paste and made over 100 flowers, they were all so pretty! I did not get to use them all on this cake but hey there’s always Mother’s Day, right? We placed some on wax paper others in the Wilton “flower forming cups” so the flowers can have some shape to it rather than just laying flat…we let them dry for a few days.

The day before the party I crumb coated the cakes in the morning and let them sit in the fridge to get nice and cold, that night I covered the cakes with MMF, stacked the cakes, added the grass, made a simple border and then added the flowers, added some leaves and a few butterflies too but it still needed something, mushrooms! That was it!  I made some red fondant, made the mushrooms..then I placed the  “fairy figurine” on top of the cake (I placed wax paper on the cake since the figurine is not edible) added some pearl dust to the flowers and WOW!!!  My little girl stared at her cake in awe!!! and of course it brought tears to my eyes because she’s autistic and nonverbal, so her eyes said everything. She simply loved it!

Everyone at the party loved the cake and so did my little princess!

Garden Fairy Cake

Garden Fairy Cake

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