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Coolest Fancy Tea Party Teapot Cake

Thanks to the many great ideas and photos on this site, I was able to pull off the best Homemade Fancy Tea Party Teapot Cake I’ve ever made for my daughter’s 5th birthday! I bought 2 strawberry cake mixes, baked one in a (10 cup) Pyrex bowl and the other in a regular 13×9 cake pan. After Googling “Baking Pyrex bowl cake” I very generously greased/floured the bowl and baked the cake 25 degrees less than the instructions on the box for an hour…checked with a knife and ended up adding about 20 more minutes. It puffed up a lot in the oven but the dome mostly collapsed while cooling.

I let it cool, ran a knife around the outside and then put a plate on top and carefully flipped it – came out beautifully. Froze it for a bit, then trimmed the dome flat, put it on top of the sheet cake and “traced” the circle out (I used the 13×9 pan because that was almost exactly the exact additional height I wanted). Put both in the freezer for a couple hours and then crumb-coated and froze overnight. The next day I layered the cakes with frosting in between and frosted with a 1.5 cans of storebought frosting.

Used fondant for the knob, spout and handle and attached the latter 2 with 2 half-skewers each. The handle stayed great but the spout started falling out after a couple hours (I think it also might have looked better if I flipped it upside down. Just stuck the knob and flowers on with frosting and decorated with Betty Crocker cupcake icing (which comes with decorating tips)…didn’t make a separate lid just used the icing to “draw” the outline.

My daughter LOVED her cake and it got a ton of compliments. Thanks for all the great ideas on this site!

Homemade  Fancy Tea Party Teapot Cake

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