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Coolest First Birthday Barnyard Fun Cake

With limited time the day of the party I opted to purchase two chocolate sheet cakes with chocolate frosting and decorate with my fondant, crispy cereal and graham cracker creations. The barn is made from graham crackers held together with royal icing and covered with fondant and melted chocolate for the roof.

I inserted ¼ inch dowels into the cake to help support the weight of the barn. The tractor and trailer are rice crispy treats shaped and covered with fondant, the tires are Oreo cookies covered with chocolate. The farmer, animals and vegetables are all homemade fondant with a little purchased gum paste added to some of the larger pieces. I used spaghetti instead of toothpicks to secure the heads and legs to the bodies.

The pond is blue sugar water cooked to a hard ball stage and poured out on foil to cool. The haystacks are marshmallow covered with toasted coconut. After sliding the two cakes together and smoothing out the frosting I used chocolate cookie crumbs for the road and green and red butter cream frosting for the farmer’s vegetable fields. Flower shaped candy sprinkles and green frosting was added around the pond and barnyard and a pretzel fence around the outside of the cake.

This first birthday barnyard fun cake was for my grandson so I also made him a 6 inch round cake with a toy tractor and his name spelt out in icing covered alphabet cookies and a matching cupcake for his 3 year old brother with a smaller toy tractor. This was my first experience with making and using fondant; with all the information and how to videos online it was very easy to learn and a lot of fun to work with.

Homemade First Birthday Barnyard Fun Cake

Homemade First Birthday Barnyard Fun Cake

Homemade First Birthday Barnyard Fun Cake

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