Coolest First Birthday Cake

I have used this site several times to get great ideas for cakes for my children’s birthdays, including this one. I hope others can benefit from my ideas as well.

I made this car and first birthday cake for my son’s first birthday. For the cake, I made a vanilla sheet cake recipe in a large sheet cake pan. I would think that any size rectangular pan would work, but I needed a larger cake.

All of the icing was a stiff buttercream icing. I colored batches of the icing green and black with Wilton food gel, leaving a small amount white. It takes a lot of black gel to get the icing to turn black, instead of grey.

I iced the black road first. I then iced the grass part with the green icing. I completed the grass with a Wilton #21 star tip to edge the road and create a trim around the cake. I then used a Wilton #3 round tip to write the words and put the lines on the road. I found little cars in the party favor section and put those on the road.

Everyone loved the cake, and my son had a wonderful first birthday!

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