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Cute Hugs ‘N Stitches Theme First Birthday Cake

I found the Hugs n’ Stitches theme on a few different sites. I thought this would be great for a little girl’s first birthday. My husband’s cousin asked me to make her daughter’s cake. So of course I picked this First Birthday Cake.

I used both a strawberry and yellow cake mix and swirled them together to give more flavor and also make the cake thicker. After the cake was baked I evened out the top with a knife. I crumb coated with canned icing. I then spread a thick layer of white icing and evened out. I airbrushed the base colors. Then used a star tip to make the number 1. I used a writing tip to trace out the flower and butterfly then just filled in with different colors of icing.

Everyone loved this cake and it was so simple to make.

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