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Coolest Hugs and Stitches 1st Birthday Cake

I made this Hugs and Stitches 1st Birthday Cake for a friend’s daughter’s first birthday. The theme was the Hugs and Stitches girl first birthday.

I basically made the cake to look like the plate. I made a half sheet cake and covered it in buttercream frosting once cooled. I colored fondant to match the colors on the plate. I rolled out green, yellow and purple fondant and cut a rectangle to fit one side of the top of the cake and then squares to fit the other side of the top of the cake.

I used cookie cutters to cut out the polka dots, flower and butterfly in fondant colored to match the plates. The lady bug, #1, bee and butterfly body I had to cut out on my own. I placed all of these cut outs on the cake using a small amount of buttercream. With some buttercream left over, I mixed in hot pink gel color, and shortening and then wrote the Happy Birthday Jaysa on the cake.

I used a star tip to trim the cake. To get the fondant shiny, I used a clean paint brush (a small one) and painted the cake with water. Shake your brush before painting the cake, as too much water will cause the colors to run. I also used small amounts of colored fondant to detail the cutouts on the cake.

This cake was heavy and I really needed to double up on the cake boards. Also make sure to support the cake on both sides underneath when carrying because the fondant pieces on top will separate and you will have frosting coming through.

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