Coolest Fish Tank Birthday Cake

I made this Fish Tank Birthday Cake for my best friend’s birthday. She LOVES fish and has like six different fish tanks. So I thought it would be cool to make a Fish Tank Birthday Cake for her. I wanted to make a cake she wouldn’t forget.

This cake is all eatable. I made it in a regular rectangle cake pan. It is a funfetty cake. The icing is vanilla dyed blue with food coloring. The gravel at the bottom is Nerds. The fish and eel are gummies and the bubbles are the circle candy that comes in lines on paper, I don’t remember the name. The turtle and plants are gel icing and the leaves on the plant are spearmint leaves.

The castle is strawberry cookies with gel icing to decorate. I got most of the things on the candy and baking isle of the local grocery store. It was easy and fun to make. The whole decorating process took about an hour.

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